UCSD-TV documentaries

Los Laureles Canyon: Research in Action
First Aired: 11/2/2009, 29 minutes. Researchers from Mexico and the United States collaborate to address the environmental challenges in Los Laureles, a canyon that is home to 65,000 people in Tijuana and spills into the sensitive wetlands of the Tijuana Estuary in California. Click here for a study guide that goes along with this documentary:

The Regional Workbench Consortium

(#7244; 28 min. 2003):
“Principal investigator and regional planner Keith Pezzoli’s vision for a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable development is explored in this tour of the Regional Workbench Consortium, a collaborative partnership and website that allows users to share the tools they need to improve quality of life and environmental stewardship in the Southern California-Northern Baja California region.”

Colonia 10 de Mayo, Tijuana, Mexico, Revitalization Plan

(#6022; 20 min.)
The 10 de Mayo project. UCSD Conversations: Crossborder Urban Planning. The documentary starts three-quarters of the way into a one-hour program (what UCSD-TV calls “Conversations with UCSD Faculty”). Specifically, it starts at minute 39.01 as indicated on the slider (the first two 20 minute segments focus on biology and pharmacology).
LA Street Summit 2010

LA Street Summit 2010 Bicycle Tour from The Global ARC on Vimeo

A brief video documentary (16 minutes) of the a bicycle tour of Highland Park in the Los Angeles metro area, conducted as part of the L.A. Streets Summit: Biking, Walking and Beyond: The documentary features Janette Sadik-Khan, the NYC Transportation Commissioner, who’s done some fascinating street design changes in NY. Several stops are highlighted as part of the tour.
Insane Bicycle Rush Hour In Netherlands

Carbon footprint study: locally sourcing organic oranges

Source 44, UC San Diego and The Global ARC Carbon Footprint Study MP4 Video

News Release, Source 44 and UC-San Diego Establish Regional Sustainability, Partnership, Bringing “Science Into the Service of Society” (pdf)

Tom Angotti Interview, Posted on the Action Research Web site July 29th 2009.
Brian Lehrer interviews Tom Angotti about his new book, New York for Sale: Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate.

Does the little guy have a chance when it comes to land use, gentrification and the environment? Hunter College Urban Affairs Professor Tom Angotti says yes, and he joins us to talk about his new book New York for Sale: Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate.


New York for Sale with Tom Angotti from Brian Lehrer Live on Vimeo.

Flash Based Narratives

Colonia 10 de Mayo, Tijuana, Mexico
A brief over view of the irregular human settlement in the U.S.-Mexico border region. Closed captioning in Spanish and English, learn more menu.

Tijuana River Watershed:
A brief over view of the Tijuana River Watershed spanning the U.S.-Mexico border region. Closed captioning in Spanish and English, learn more menu.
Sustainability Archive of Great Environmental Stewards (SAGES):
The SAGES archive is a multimedia resource that captures glimpses of wisdom from notable “elders”—respected regional leaders and activists dedicated to environmental challenges in our region and beyond.  The archive contains some of the vision, lessons learned, and advice of great thinkers and doers who have retired, or are about to retire.
SciVee (YouTube of Science)
Science Communication in Urban and Regional Planning:
Global Planning Educators Interest Group:
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