Ocean View Growing Grounds (OVGG)

Ocean View Community Garden

The Global ARC, in partnership with UC San Diego's Bioregional Center for Sustainability Science, Planning and Design is defining new means for co-producing food /science literacy and food security at a neighborhood scale, thru new collaborative arrangements that respectfully and authentically level the field among participants ( residents, scientists, researchers, students, experts/non-experts) in public reasoning,  policy, planning and decision making and leadership

The Global ARC is presently managing the OVGG which operates on a 20,000 square foot piece of property in Southeastern San Diego. Over the past two years, in partnership with UC San Diego, the OVGG has established a community garden, two food forests and a Learning/Action Research Center developed with local neighborhood residents. The OVGG has two components, the Learning/Action Research Center and the Neighborhood Food Network (NFN).

The Learning/Action Research Center is a green gathering place in the neighborhood that houses the central garden, and holds workshops and hands-on demonstration projects on growing food as well as informational sessions on nutrition and the use of seasonal vegetables. It is the place where science and the residents come together.

The NFN is a network of resident property holders/owners and people interested in growing food. The network will expand the OVGG capacity to produce fruits and vegetables by creating gardens on properties scattered throughout the neighborhood. The NFN will gather the food produced at the main garden as well as the scattered gardens and distribute them to members of the OVGG. Once established, the residents will have built a dynamic hub in their neighborhood that revolves around increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and ways of living a healthier lifestyle.

Collage of pictures of the Ocean View Growing Ground and volunteers
Food Production at OVGG
Food Production at OVGG
University of California President Napolitano visits Ocean View Growing Grounds
University of California President Napolitano visits OVGG


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