Vacant Lot Survey

Pueblo watershed

The Global ARC played a prominent role as a broker between the community and univesity  in a large scale field study exercise. 180  students from UC San Diego's Urban Studies and Planning (USP) Program  and San Diego State University's Department of Political  Science surveyed over 800 vacant lots in Southeast San Diego, City Heights, Golden Hill, and Mid-City Eastern. With help from the Global ARC, Victory Gardens, and faculty,  the students organized themselves into 3-6 person teams to cover the 23 neighborhoods. Out of lots they surveyed (with professional guidance in site suitability analysis) the students identified lots deemed the best  candidates for community gardens, according to carefully specified criteria and field observations. Each team produced a report,  the findings of which are being shared with community partners.  With input from the Global ARC on how to make this data most useful to community groups, the San Diego Supercomputer Center created a data visualization and mapping tool.

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