Who We Are

The Global Action Research Center (Global ARC),  a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, works to support the development of Healthy People, Healthy Places, and Healthy Communities through increased civic participation, while also linking universities to community residents in innovative ways. The linkages between universities and community residents facilitated by the Global ARC are designed to address issues and concerns at the community level.

The Global ARC was founded in 2009 for the purpose of bridging the gap between science and community, and to find ways to connect the knowledge of the community with the knowledge of the university to facilitate healthy community development.

The Global ARC is guided by a philosophy dedicated to eradicating root causes of poverty, social injustice and environmental degradation. At the heart of this philosophy is a proactively creative commitment to linking knowledge to action for the common good. We promote research and action focused on community building and sustainability solutions that are networked, systems-oriented, globally-minded, ecologically sound and holistic.

Global ARC Vision 

A world of healthy, resilient, rooted communities where people learn and work together peacefully and life flourishes in just and equitable environments.


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