Headshot of Paul Watson

Paul L. Watson, Jr., MSHS

Formerly Executive Director of the Training and Research Institute for Residential Youth Centers in New Haven, CT; San Diego Youth and Community Services; and Watson and Associates International. Paul began his career as a youth organizer at the age of 17. He has a Master's degree from Springfield College. He began a consultant organization in 1998 and specialized in Community Development, Youth Development, Child Welfare, and Organizational Development. He successfully completed International projects in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan), The Netherlands, Brazil, Jamaica, and Egypt. He is a national trainer in Youth Development and a member of the Community Youth Development Design Team. He was trained as an ICA Participatory Facilitator. Paul has also served as faculty at Springfield College, New School of Architecture and Design, San Diego City College, and UC San Diego. Paul has won numerous awards and has published both books and articles.


Headshot of Bill Oswald

William T. Oswald, Ph.D.
Associate Executive Director for Research and Evaluation

Bill received his Ph.D. from the University of Rhode Island where he studied Community Psychology. Prior to this work he served as Dean/faculty at Springfield College, School of Human Services and as a community organizer/educator. His work included serving as lead organizer for Workers Association for Guaranteed Employment, Executive Director of the Foundation for Community Organization in Rhode Island, and Director of Community Development for Tenants United for Public Housing Progress in Boston. He has also worked as an independent Community Development consultant providing technical assistance to grassroots, community organizations.

His more recent work includes: the Caring Council (Chair), a network pushing for policy changes that impact the lives of people living in poverty; Supportive Parents Information Network (SPIN), a constituent-led network of families living near or below the Federal poverty line; United Women of East Africa, an ethnic-based community organization giving voice to their community; City Heights Youth for Change, a refugee youth group serving as a pipeline for the development of progressive leaders/activists; the Parent~Student~Resident Organization that organizes the community around education; and Mid-City CAN Building Healthy Communities Initiative, a community-wide mobilization to develop and implement a 10-year plan to transform the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego into a healthy community.

Recent reports include "Hunger and the Safety Net in San Diego County" and "Barriers to Quality Healthcare for East African Families as Identified by East African Women." Both studies were participatory action studies. The first was conducted by 12 women living near or below the Federal poverty line. The second study was conducted by 23 East African refugee women from six different African countries.




Headshot of Raphael Lagoc

Raphael Lagoc
Science Communication/Youth Outreach Coordinator;

Raphael is a Environmental Systems graduate from the University of California, San Diego, originally hailing from the city of Chicago, Illinois. His future post-graduation plan is to continue working with non-profits and community organizing wherever there is a need, with a goal of being a catalyst for progressive change and advocate for disenfranchised peoples. He has a special interest in working in the urban sector, as inspired by his upbringing with Chicago, and working towards greater environmental responsibility and sustainability within larger cities. Raphael is interning with the Global ARC particularly because of our community-first approach, and he is currently helping with research, development, and outreach for a potential network of at-home growers in the area around the Ocean View Growing Grounds.

Ocean View Growing Grounds


Headshot of Marina Castelo

Marina Castelo
Community Outreach Specialist






Headshot of Deron White

Deron White
Community Outreach Specialist

Deron is one of the community outreach team members of the OVGG. He has resided in the Southeast Community 40 plus years. He is also the founder of Peace & Unity For Our Community, a non-profit organization that promotes Peace & Unity in Our Community as well as mentoring our youth.



Refugee Parent Support Network


Headshot of Famo Musa

Famo Musa
Youth Organizer






Headshot of Madina Maho

Madina Maho
Parent Engagement Specialist




Headshot of Anna Obura

Anna Obura
Parent Engagement Specialist




Headshot of Agazit Tesfai

Agazit Tesfai
Parent Engagement Specialist





University Interns


Headshot of Mikayla Williams

Mikayla Williams

Mikayla is a senior at UCSD, finishing up a major in Public Health and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She plays basketball at the university as well, and it is her goal (and post grad plan) to play basketball professionally. She is interning because she was interested in learning more about increasing social capital within communities and bringing science literacy into the community as well. This internship has also provided her with the opportunity to increase her photography skills and social media work. Current projects she is working on includes running the new blog site for the Ocean View Growing Grounds and helping around the garden and outreach efforts. It is important to Mikayla to learn how influence spreads and how one can get their goal accomplished at all levels and help others in the process.

Headshot of Sabrina Law

Sabrina Law

Sabrina is currently a 4th year Public Health major, minoring in Psychology and Urban Studies & Planning. After UCSD, she hopes to pursue her masters degree in Public Health so she can continue learning and working for health equity in all communities. In the future, she wants to be able to combine her passion for Public Health and her interest in Urban Planning to design and build parks and revitalize open space for urban communities who often lack access to quality green space. She also has an interest in community and youth development which is why she hopes to continue working with non-profit organizations like the Global ARC. She's interning at the Global ARC to gain experience in community engagement, and to learn new ways to work alongside community members to promote health and well-being. Right now, she is involved with building the Young Citizen Scientists program, which is focused on emphasizing STEAM education for youth in Southeast San Diego

Headshot of Cera Enriquez

Cera Enriquez

Cera is currently in her last year studying both Communication and Global Health at UC San Diego. She plans to get her graduate degree in Anthropology to apply and research psychosocial healing and ethnomedicine, health equity, as well as media literacy and democracy just to name a few. Her goal is to collectively express different social issues through various creative means like visual art, media production, and contemporary dance. Cera mainly runs the social media for the Global ARC and also helps with other projects at OVGG. She's interning to expose herself to civic engagement and learn from the community themselves about local community work and organizing.