Connecting the Grassroots to Policy Makers and Researchers by Helping Communities find their Voice in the Public Dialogue


  • Building Civic Engagement
  • Helping Communities Use Science and Technology to Address their Concerns
  • Assisting Communities and Universities to Learn from Each Other

The Global ARC convenes diverse neighborhood residents, community organizations, professionals, civically engaged researchers, scientists, educators and students in mutually reinforcing ways for the common good.


A world of healthy, resilient communities where people learn and work together and life flourishes in just and equitable environments.


Facilitate local communities and institutions in developing, sharing and scaling up sustainabilitity solutions--locally and globally--to eradicate root causes of poverty, environmental degradation and unhealthy living conditions. 

Our bioregional organizing framework—brought to life through community-based projects and scholarship of engagement--is place-based, globally-minded, problem-solving and solutions-oriented.

Young People becoming civicly engaged

Civic Engagement

The Global ARC’s Civic Engagement endeavors explore new and innovative approaches to effectively engage community residents, community-based organizations, universities, businesses, and policymakers in strategic planning and participatory action research processes focused upon equitable social, economic, ecological, and cultural development of their communities. Our processes include integrating the knowledge of the residents in problem identification, solution creation, and evaluation of progress.


The Global ARC facilitates student Research Presentations to San Diego County City Planners

Transformational Facilitation

The Global ARC facilitates new ways for universities to engage with community members, while jointly addressing challenges negatively impacting local neighborhoods. This value-based approach emphasizes reciprocity, respect, mutuality, equity, inclusion, partnership, and shared vision.


Civically Engaged Research

Civically Engaged Research

Civically Engaged Research is simply the application of social science research methodology in service of a community for a particular purpose.  It is the use of the tools developed by social science to answer the questions raised by a community and fully involves that community in the development and implementation of the research as well as the interpretation of the data collected and the application of the findings.  Civically Engaged Research is community led from beginning to end.